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The Effect of the Number of Photographers in Cheap Stock Agencies

stock photographersWhen choosing cheap stock images to be your primary image source, there are a number of things you should consider. The most common parameters are the size of the collection and, of course, the cost per image or subscription. But, did you know that the number of photographers in a stock agency also matters? Find out how the number of photographers affects cheap stock agencies. Check out this site.

Which is best for you?

With the increasing number of stock photo agencies in the market, which should you choose to be you primary image bank? First, determine you creative needs. How many images do you need per project, per day or per month? Do you need unique images or just general ones? Once you identify your creative needs, you can proceed to the number of photographers in stock agencies.

  • Few photographers. A few photographers is best for you if you require premium quality images that you will not find in other stock photo websites. The images you will get from this type of stock site is pricier, but you can be sure that you will not find them everywhere. Depending on the license you acquire, you may not even find them in any other website. This means that you do not have to worry about finding the exact images in your competitor’s website.
  • Many photographers. On the other hand, you may purchase stock images from cheap stock websites with many photographers if you want variety. Many stock sites accept contributions from a number of photographers, but you do not have to worry about quality. The images are curated by experts of the website to ensure high quality images are sold to their beloved users, which include you. If you want scale and variety, this is the stock agency for you.


The number of photographers that cheap stock agencies take is a considered a cultural difference in the industry. Some stock sites are set up to only favor high profile photographers, providing the creative community with a unique and premium quality stock collection. For photographers, this could mean good returns because they do not have to compete with one another for sales. If you are a buyer with no defined preference, this is not the right stock agency for you.

On the other hand, cheap stock agencies that readily accept photographers provide larger collections of high quality images. These stock sites are looking to capitalize on selling stock photos in larger quantities. That’s why they typically offer flexible package deals with their subscription plans. This is called bulk licensing. The most common form of bulk licensing is royalty-free images, where you can get several images for a low, fixed price.

Websites to Buy Cheap Stock Photos for Web Developers and Bloggers

Good photography can help in improving the effect of any website content or Blog. But if you are not a good photographer or you frequently need photos for your blogs then it can be expensive to hire a professional photographer for this purpose. In this situation you can get cheap photos by searching an agency providing free or cheap stock photos to its customers or subscribers. You can search online to find a suitable stock photo agency which can provide you the photos as per your requirements at very affordable price.

Cheap Stock Photos Blogger Website

In order to get these photos at cheaper price you will have to compare the price and other facilities provided by these agencies. Information about some tents for camping of the agencies providing free or cheap stock photos is provided here under to help you in this regard.

Get Cheap Stock Photos from these affordable Stock Agencies

yayimages-cheapYAY Images

It is a website that provides cheap pictures at very affordable price of $1.95 each. YAY offers a number of photos in different genres to make it easy for its subscriber to choose as per their requirement. You can start downloading images at an affordable price by just signing up with it. You can also avail discounts offered by this site to the bulk purchasers of its stock photos.


It is one of the best stock photo agencies that offer affordable stock photos at a very reasonable price. The large number of cheap stock photos in different genres available in the photo gallery of this website makes it the best website among various others. You can easily search the photos of your choice through various options given on the homepage of this website.

You can select photos on the basis of their name, name of the artist, and type of photo to buy at a very affordable price from this website.


This website stocks a large number of cheap royalty free images to offer its subscribers at a very reasonable price of $0.89 per photo. If you need to buy such photos daily for your blogs then you can make it more affordable by signing up at this website as they provide additional discounts and promotional offers to their regular customers and subscription buyers.


This site also offers stock photography at a very reasonable price of $19 per photo along with 3 credits to its subscription buyers. If you are bulk buyer of its stock photos then it can cost you cheaper up to $16 per photo. It has a large number of royalty free cheap stock photos which you can post with your blogs as well as use in your website.


This website offers royalty free stock photos free of cost to its subscription buyers. You can sign up with it and start downloading stock photos immediately to post them with your blog or for developing a website affordably. Best choice for free stock images.


It is another site of a photo agency which provides all types of stock images for everyone including bloggers and web developers at a very affordable price. You can download five cheap stock photos per day at the rate of $0.46 per photo fro the large stock in its photo gallery. If you a regular blogger and add photos to your blogs regularly then you can make it cheaper by buying the stock photos in bulk at the rate of $69 per month.

media-bakery-cheapMedia Bakery

This site offers millions of stock photos at a very low price to make it affordable for the bloggers and printers. You can go through the photo gallery of this website after signing up with it to find the best and cheap stock photos of your choice. it offers its stock photos at the rate of $1 each which is the most reasonable price among others.

Shutterstock CheapShutterstock

This website has more than 20 million stock photos for its subscription buyers. The huge stock available on this site includes vectors, videos and illustrations for the bloggers and website developers to use them affordably. The cost of downloading stock photos from this site is $19 per photo but it can be made more affordable by buying them on monthly basis for which you will have to pay only $249 to download 25 photos per day. You might want to save money by using this Shutterstock coupon code.

You can also visit to get more information about the websites to buy cheap stock photos.

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