Top 4 Best Deals from Cheap Stock Photos Websites

At the turn of the 21st century, the demand for cheap stock photos grew as more and more webmasters, ezine writers, email marketers and print media sort for a flow of high quality photos to accompany their content so as to gain the attention of their intended viewers. This rise in demand for the cheapest stock photos in turn lead to a growth of cheap stock photo websites that sort to link talented photographers with image users.

If you are new to the stock photos world, you will need to first determine your specific needs before shopping for the cheapest stock photos website. Below are factors that you may want to consider before making your photo purchases. If you need to get more information about cheap stock photos now, check out

Top 4 Cheap Stock Photos

Photo Volumes

The first factor that greatly influences the photo price is the number of photos you need and the frequency you plan to buy the photos. The stock photo websites tend to reward frequent and volume purchasers by offering lower prices for more photos bought. The cheapest stock photos sites will therefore have offers for 1000 photos or low offers for those who buy at least 100 photos a month. Therefore, you may want to determine and project the number of photos that you may need in a given period so as to take out the best package for your needs. For high volume photo buyers, the “per photo” price can get really low.

Royalty or Royalty Free

Another factor that affects the prices of these cheap pictures is the royalty rider. You may purchase photos and choose to keep the full rights of the photo. This means that no one else can get to purchase the photo once you acquire it. On the other hand, you may purchase photos – royalty free. In such a case, the photo will continue to be available to other buyers even after you purchase it. Photos purchased with royalties are significantly more expensive that those without. Therefore, depending on your specific needs and your budget, you will need to make a decision on this royalty factor.

Photo Size

The size of the photo is yet another major price factors. Photos that are larger will be more expensive than smaller images. The size of the photo is shown by the photo dimensions. Depending on where you want to use the photos, you will need to determine the ideal size you need so as not to unnecessarily buy bigger and more expensive photos.

Photo Quality

Another important factor that affects the photo prices is the quality of the photos. In photography, quality covers a wide range of aspects. Photos requiring professional editing may require the photos to be in a raw format and this will generally be more expensive. Other quality factors include the lighting used, the resolution, High Definition characteristics, and the artistic of unique capture of the image. Some stock photo websites will host high quality expensive images pre-selected by the website administrators while the cheapest stock photos websites will have less quality photos available at much lower prices. Therefore, you will need to balance between the quality and pricing so as to get an ideal mix for your specific needs.

Compare Offers

If you are a frequent photo buyer, you may want to consider having multiple accounts with several stock sites. This will enable you to happy birthday messages compare the prices and ensure that you continually get the best value for your money. Sites will generally have value offers at specific periods and therefore, keeping your ear to the ground may ensure that you get the best bargains. Another way of consistently getting the cheapest stock photos offers is by tracking stock photo information in sites such as that keep you updated with the latest deals and offers.

Top Cheap Stock Photo Sites for Frequency users

To help you get started with the cheapest stock photo websites, below is a list of 4 of the cheapest stock photo websites;

  1. PhotospinPhotospin is an ideal website because it has a very wide range of photos to choose from. Their portal is also easy to navigate and they have very cheap deals that can translate to you purchasing photos for as low as a cent. The website has been in operation for 15 years and has a stock of over 2.5 million photos. This is therefore a nice place to get started.
  2. FotoliaFotolia is yet another cheap stock photos website worth considering. The website has a wide range of photos that sell for as low as 14 cents a photo. Fotolia also comes with a range of value features to help you manage your photos. These include free desktop photos manager, a Microsoft add-on, an image gallery feature among other value features.
  3. DreamstimeDreamstime website is especially ideal for those purchasing photos irregularly. They have good deals for those buying high volumes as well as those purchasing photos on the go.
  4. PhotodunePhotodune may not be the cheapest stock photos website for volume buyers but it is very popular for pay-as-you-go buyers. They have a wide range of quality photos available for as low as $3 per piece.

The cheap stock photos market keeps evolving fast with new websites, new offers, discounts and offers being provided every day.

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