Sizing and Pricing of Stocksy Stock Photos

stocksyMost stock photo agencies offer a variety of pricing plans based on the size and needs of their clients, with subscription plans available for big volume users and smaller “on demand” credit packages for individual users who don’t need photography as often.  But like many other aspects of its business, Stocksy treats pricing differently.  If you want to buy a stocksy stock photo, there’s only one option: on demand, per image downloads.  Of course, for many users needs that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and the straightforward pricing system does make a lot of sense in a simplistic way.  Here’s a look at the different price points on Stocksy.

Small Stocksy Stock Photos

The smallest stocksy stock photos will cost you 10$ per image download,  and are sized at 578 by 866 pixels.  If you are using these images for printouts, that translates into a 8”x12” image at 72dpi.   An image this size will be appropriate for many web uses, but won’t be good for website background or larger banner uses.

Medium Stocksy Stock Photos

A medium sized image download from stocksy will cost you 25$, for an image sized at 1155 by 1732 pixels.  For printed purposes, that’s 3.9”x5.8” at 300dpi.  Of course, if you don’t mind losing definition, you can stretch out a medium sized photo before printing it.  A medium sized Stocksy photo works well in blog posts and other online uses, but is still probably not quite wide enough for full web banners.

Large Stocksy Stock Photos

The next sized up image download from Stocksy (read review here) will cost you 50$ per download, for a photo sized at 1950 by 2924 pixels.  Printed at 300dpi, that’s a 6.5”x9.7” photo.   With the larger width and high definition, these photos are great for website banners or other larger promotional purposes, and you won’t be held back by image size in the least.

X-Large Stocksy Stock Photos


If you need truly massive high quality images, the largest Stocksy option will cost you $100 per download for a 3840x by 5760 pixel download.  That’s a whole lot of photo: 12.8″x19.2″  at 300dpi.  With a high def photo that large, you can easily print out massive scale in person banners or advertisements and still keep your ads high definition.  While all of Stocksy’s images come at a somewhat high price tag, the pricing is straightforward and easy to understand, and you can do a whole lot with their offerings.